Ultimate Guide to the Best Gaming Headset Under 100

best gaming headset under 100

Are you on the lookout for an exceptional gaming headset that won’t break the bank? You’re in for a treat! We’ve sifted through the gaming headset landscape and cherry-picked six fantastic options, all priced under the magical 100 mark. Our team of experts has meticulously evaluated these headsets, considering factors like noise-canceling prowess, sound performance, standout features, and overall comfort. Take a deep dive into our guide to discover your perfect gaming companion.

Top Picks Of Best Gaming Headset Under 100:


In-Depth Analysis:

We’re breaking it down for you — the good, the bad, and the game-changing features of each headset. Let’s get you geared up for an immersive gaming experience without breaking the bank.




best gaming headset under 200

TexHyperX Cloud Alphat

50mm Dual Chamber
13 - 27,000Hz
Memory Foam + Leatherette

best gaming headset under 100
best gaming mouse under 100

SteelSeries Arctis 3

7.1 surround

40 mm driver 
best gaming mouse under 100
best gaming mouse under 100

Cooler Master MH670

7.1 surround
Wireless (2.4Ghz)
3.5mm Connectivity 

best gaming headset under 100
best gaming headset under 100

Razer Kraken X 

7.1 Surround Sound
40 mm
Memory Foam

best gaming headset under 100
best gaming headset under 100

HyperX Cloud II

Wired7.1 surround

15 - 25,000Hz
 Memory Foam +


best gaming headste under 100

1 HyperX Cloud II

best gaming headset

in best gaming headset under 100 hyper cloud II is at first place with its best sound quality and strong material and detachable microphone

Designed for comfort HyperX Cloud II comes with 100% memory foam earpads and interchangeable ear cups for varying sound profiles and different texture options. hyper cloud II is build to rise comfort level that you can focus on your game that not make you stop winning the game hyper cloud II Exceptionally comfortable memory foam ear cushions and padded leatherette headband help keep you focused on gaming Choose between leatherette and velour ear cushions for the sound profile and style that suits you.

Supreme audio quality –with its Large 53-millimetre drivers provide high-quality audio. Hear in-game details better and get the in-game advantage on your opponents or professional audio environments.

7.1 virtual surround sound – Truly immerse yourself in your games with hardware-driven virtual 7.1 surround sound for precisely located audio Easily toggle Surround Sound 7.1 on and off with a touch of a button. Includes independent audio and microphone volume controls for added convenience. best gaming headset under 100

Passive noise cancellation – When used with the USB control box, noise-cancellation, AGC functionality and echo cancellation are enabled. Get clearer voice quality and reduced background noise for an improved voice experience The closed ear cup design blocks out outside distractions to keep you in the game

Built to last – The solid, durable aluminium frame is built to withstand the blows of daily use

Detachable, noise-cancelling microphone – TeamSpeak and Discord certified so you can chat with your friends and your callouts will be heard loud and clear
Compatibility: 7.1 virtual surround sound on PC & Mac. Stereo on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices

pro and cons of best gaming headset under 100

2 HyperX Cloud Alpha

best gaming headset

At second place hyper x cloud alpha with its sound quality and built quality is very good that you can enjoy your game 50 mm dual-driver give the great sound quality

More Chambers for Less Distortion

HyperX Cloud Alpha’s groundbreaking Dual Chamber Drivers design will give your audio more distinction and clarity by reducing the distortion.

Ultimate comfort for prolonged gaming

Over-ear design with award-winning, premium quality signature red memory foam complemented by an expanded headband and softer, more pliable leatherette of best gaming headset under 100

Detachable noise cancellation microphone

It’s easy to plug in for gaming use or unplug for music-only purposes.

Multi-platform compatibility

The versatile Cloud Alpha is designed to work on PC, PS4, Xbox One and other platforms with a 3.5mm port.

HyperX Cloud Alpha’s groundbreaking Dual Chamber Drivers design gives audio more distinction and clarity by reducing distortion. The dual chambers separate the bass for cleaner, smoother sound.

Cloud Alpha has premium red memory foam, an expanded headband and softer, more pliable leatherette, an aluminium frame, detachable braided cable and noise-cancellation microphone. Multi-platform compatible with in-line audio controls on PC, PS4, Xbox One and other platforms with 3.5mm ports.

The frequency response of the Microphone is 50Hz-18,000Hz. Issues due to headset detachable main cord partially inserted in the ear cup jack resulting in no microphone audio or quiet/static sounds. Customer should follow Cloud Alpha User Manual or HyperX Gaming support website headset cable attachment guidelines to properly connect the cord, activate microphone audio on the Alpha inline volume control box, and ensure Cloud Alpha configured as primary audio playback and recording device on the host system.

pro and cons of best gaming headset under 100

3 SteelSeries Arctis 3

best gaming headset under 100

In this 6 best gaming headset Arctis challenges everything you know about gaming headsets with completely overhauled audio, a new mic design with unmatched clarity, and improved comfort with materials inspired by athletic clothing. Arctis 3 brings pure performance and style, featuring SteelSeries 7.1 Surround Sound.

Designed for everywhere you game, with remarkable sound, comfort and style on all gaming platforms

Microphone sensitivity-48 db. , microphone impedance: 2200 Ohm . Exclusive Clear Cast mic delivers studio-quality voice clarity and background noise cancellation

S1 speaker drivers are engineered to produce a detailed, balanced soundscape with ultra-low distortion, for your games, music, movies, and more in the best gaming headset under 100

Arctic headsets feature athletics-inspired performance fabric airwave ear cushions and a ski goggle suspension headband for lasting comfort

Arctic headsets won the Red dot Product Design Award, Tom’s guide “best overall gaming headset, ” PC Magazine Editors’ Choice and Nerd Reactor says it’s “the best headset I have ever used for gaming”

4 Razer Kraken X

best gaming headset under 100

In this list we have ultra-light Razer Kraken X is a multi-platform gaming headset built with superior comfort, Extended durability and crystal-clear sound. Harness positional audio with 7. 1 surround sound, while the soft ear cushions and adjustable allows gaming in total comfort.

Immersive, 7.1 Surround Sound for Positional Audio: Outfitted with custom-tuned 40-millimetre drivers, capable of software-enabled surround sound when used for PC gaming only (download code slip inside the box)

Designed for All-Day Comfort: The lightest Kraken headset ever at 250 grams, around 40% lighter than the competition

Bendable Noise Cancelling Microphone: A cardioid mic reduces background and ambient noises for crystal-clear communication with the best gaming headset under 100

In-Headset Audio Controls: Includes an analog volume control wheel and mic mute switch on the headset for quick and convenient adjustments

Durable Construction: The Kraken X frame is flexible and built to last, able to withstand daily, carefree use

Plush Memory Foam Cushions

Ideal comfort and sound isolation throughout gaming marathons.

Ultra-Light Construction

Engineered with a lightweight form factor for a near-weightless feel on your head.

pro and cons of best gaming headset under 100

5 Cooler Master MH670

best gaming headset under 100

This list of best gaming headset under 100 MH670 Gaming Headset offers 2 4GHz wireless connectivity with virtual 7 1 surround sound and omnidirectional mic for crystal clear comms along with 3 5mm Compatability and portable form factor for versatile multi-platform connectivity

Form-Fitting Cushioning – Swiveling ear cups and leatherette cushioning for comfort during the longest gaming sessions

High-Quality Audio – Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound 50mm Neodymium drivers and Omnidirectional Boom Mic for crystal clear sound quality on both ends

Wireless Audio with Zero Latency – 2.4 GHz means no more frustrating audio and comms lag for a truly latency-free solution with the best gaming headset under 100

Universal Connectivity – Versatile optional 3.5mm input allows for use with PC, PS4, XBox One, Switch – and even mobile devices too

Easy Portability – Everything is detachable or foldable for easy on-the-go storage in a backpack or bag

Convenient Control – Easily adjust volume mute mic and 7.1 surround sound with buttons directly on the headset

pros and cons of best gaming headset under 100


best gaming headset under 100

in this list pacrate 7.1 Virtual stereos at 6 place with its best sound quality and 7.1 virtual stereo sound with its 40 mm drivers with all these specifications

Driver diameter: 40mm

Impedance: 16Ohm ± 15 %

Sensitivity: 115 + 3DB

Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz

Mic dimension: 4.0 * 1.5mm

Microphone sensitivity: -42dB +/- 3dB

Microphone impedance: 2.2 k Ohm Directionality: All directional

Cable length: approx. 2.1m ± 0.15 LED operating voltage: DC5V +/- 5%

Working current: below 50 mA.

Headset interface: USB port(for audio microphone and LED lights).

7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Experience Pacrate 7.1 Virtual Stereo Gaming Headset adopts 50mm, audio drivers, in combination with advanced audio techniques, providing an immersive gaming experience, which makes you timely sense voice of directions, footsteps, and every detail clearly in games for a better gaming experience. For detailed setting guidance, please scan the QR code on the manual included to download the 7.1 drivers first and then follow the steps on the manual to complete the setting on the best gaming headset under 100

Multi-platform Compatibility Pacrate 7.1 Virtual Stereo Gaming Headset supports PC (Win 7, Win 8, Win 10), laptops, PS4/PS5 Console, Xbox One/Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S Console, and other devices with USB audio port. Please note that it features 7.1 virtual surround sound only when connected with a PC or laptop. When used on other devices, normal stereo sound works but without 7.1 virtual sound effect with best gaming headset under 100

Noise-cancelling and Sensitive Microphone for Real-time Clear Chat The Pacrate Gaming Headset has a sensitive, adjustable microphone with noise-cancelling techniques. It filters out most of the ambient noise in your area and enables real-time conversations without delay. Anti-static technology in gaming headphones prevents static noise from occurring.

Ergonomic Fit Pacrate 7.1 Virtual Stereo Gaming has an ergonomically optimized fit. The retractable headband and soft memory foam earmuffs ensure maximum comfort. Even after intensive gameplay for hours, the faux leather padding and headband sit comfortably firmly without hurting.

pro and cons of best gaming headset under 100

Buyer guide for best gaming headset under 100

Today I will tell you how to chose a best gaming headset for better gaming experience

Before you buy a gaming headset you should check 5 qualities in a gaming headset

1 sound quality

2 communication type

3 build quality

4 comfort

5 micro phone audio quality

1 Sound quality : sound should be surrounding sound you can hear the sound from each direction for example in game if enemy is approaching towards so you can know whether the sound is coming from right side or the left

2 Communication type: communication type there could be two types of communication such as

1 : it has 3.5mm jack (you can use 3.5mm jack for mobile or tablet and pc )

2: digital USB jack

3 Build quality : if the frame is made of steel or good composite plastic material that one is good built quality

4 comfort : it must be having a good quality of foam on ear pieces so when you wear it you don’t get tired or feel numbness on your ears and have a good comfortability

5 microphone audio quality : it should be noise cancelling and have a detachable mic

if the best gaming headset under 100 contains all these qualities mentioned above that is a best gaming headset that I would recommend for you is hyperx cloud II it was my personal recommendation for the best gaming headsets under 100. but I am not sure whether you going to like it or not but if you are looking at these gaming headsets under 100. You can choose from the above gaming headsets that I have found for you On GADGET TECH

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